Zak Kroeger

Phenomenal Fitness / Staff / Zak Kroeger

Phenomenal Fitness / Staff / Zak Kroeger

Phenomenal Fitness / Staff / Zak Kroeger

Zak KroegerNSCA CPT, NASM CPT, CHEK level 1 exercise coach, CHEK nutrition and life style coach level 2

I have been working at Phenomenal Fitness for over 11yrs.
I got started in the fitness industry because I was an amateur boxer and I loved to train and learn how the body worked. It was by accident that I found my career in fitness as I didn’t know is was even an industry at the time. But ever since I was exposed to this field i have loved everyday of it and continued to learn more and more about it.

I love being a strength coach and personal trainer because I love seeing people develop themselves in a positive manner along with reaching their goals and then going beyond them and what they thought they could do.
I made it to the semi finals in Chicago’s Golden Gloves in 2001.  I lost by decision in the 156lbs weight class but I fought the fight with a 102 degree fever. I had been sick for the past 3 days but couldn’t miss the opportunity.

I completed the Lake Zurich Triathlon in 2:16:19

I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2001 and finished with an elite time of 2:59:59 just under the 3 hour mark. The training I did was very unconventional for traditional marathon training but served me very well.

I have competed in power lifting since 2005 in the 220lbs and 242lbs weight class.  I have achieved 8 national records in the multi-ply division with a best squat of 875lbs, best bench of 584lbs and best dead lift of 716lbs.  I have taken 3rd place in national level single ply events and 2nd place in worlds single ply events. Most recently I took 6 national records in the raw division with a 600lbs squat a 380lbs bench and 622lbs dead lift.

I don’t have a mantra I compete to win!